Nike Pegasus Trail 2


Current Shoe Mileage: 46

Intro: The Nike Pegasus Trail 2 is a highly cushioned trail shoe with a lot of versatility. If you're looking for a protective shoe that won't hesitate to run roads to get to the trails, the Pegasus Trail 2 is worth looking at. Consider this post an initial take, I'll post more details as I get a few more miles on them.

Outsole: Rumor has it the outsole was inspired by bike tire design. The lugs are not super deep or aggressive and this helps the shoe be quite smooth on the roads. However when you hit the dirt they provide much more traction than I was expecting. I wouldn't choose them for mud or slop, but they're better than you'd expect and definitely suitable for most trail running.

Midsole: The midsole is full-length React foam -- and a substantial amount of it! Running it in I'm almost reminded of the Hoka Speedgoat 4. Obviously Nike's React foam is not as soft and squishy as what Hoka uses, but it is a burly protective shoe. I tend to prefer responsive shoes, but I think what Nike presents here is quite comfortable for long days out or those who prefer a bit more under their feet. Nike's React foam is a fan favorite because it strike the balance between comfort and responsiveness so perfectly.

Upper: The upper seems to have all the bells and whistles! Among other things, there's a large pull loop on the back, a toe bumper with wings and a neoprene-like gaiter around the ankle. While most of these features are nice to have, they do add some heft to the shoe. Much like the Nike Terra Kiger 6, the laces are thin and come untied fairly often. I do wish they would use wider laces -- not only do I think they would stay tied better, but wider laces would let you lock down your midfoot more comfortably.

Durability: Obviously still early days in my time with the Pegasus Trail 2, but things look good so far. After 46 miles there is zero wear to be seen anywhere on the shoe. 👍 Stay tuned for updates!

Weight: 11.1oz

Drop: 10mm

Price: $130

Any questions or comments? Drop me a line below and I'll do my best to respond!