Brooks Catamount

Current Shoe Mileage: 363

Intro: I'll get right to the point; the Brooks Catamount has proven to be one of my favorite trail shoes of all time. Admittedly it took a few miles to break it in and find my groove with it, but once there I've found myself contentedly running many many miles without even thinking about my feet.

Outsole: The outsole isn't super aggressive but it's proven effective in almost all circumstances. Obviously in super wet and sloppy conditions you might want deeper lugs, but in all but the worst conditions it has grabbed surprisingly well. 

Midsole: The midsole is where this shoe really shines for me. I'm always looking for what I consider to be the holy grail of shoes: something fast and responsive, but somehow also magically comfortable enough to run 100 miles. The Brooks Catamount comes as close to hitting that mark as any shoe I've ever tried. The midsole is light and responsive and begs you to keep running. But somehow even if you're having a bad day or just going really, really long, it's also just fine at slower paces and hiking up mountains. What really surprised me was how protective it is for those long days while also being completely ready to pick up the pace and go fast.

Upper: The upper where I found it took a few runs to really fit my feet and get super comfortable. My first few runs in the Brooks Catamount I spent a good amount of time adjusting the laces and going back and forth between too tight and too loose. After 4-5 runs though I think the upper broke in a bit and I found the sweet spot. Now I tie the laces once and they're good for the day. The lace material is fantastic -- I don't even double knot them, I just tie them once and secure the laces under the lace loop and it's fine all day.

Durability: Brooks has done an amazing job with making a light, fast shoe that is somehow also amazingly durable. I run most of my miles in the Colorado mountains and find that I'm lucky to get 300 miles out of a shoe. As noted above, my pair of Brooks Catamounts now has over 350 miles on them and they are completely fine. No rips, tears or separation anywhere in the upper, the midsole is still responsive and protective and every single lug on the outsole is still in tact!

Weight: 9.5oz

Drop: 6mm

Price: $160

Any questions? Anything I left out? Feel free to leave a comment and I'll do my best to respond as soon as possible.